Games for Education: Case Studies

Think Fast About the Past: Tablet applications

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Client: WNET Thirteen / Very Memorable Design

iOS and Android application port of award winning learning tool, deployed to Apple and Google app stores. Included dynamic layout consultation and all coding and design refactors, as well as initial scoring and data retention logic on the original web-based games.

Thomas the Tank Engine: HTML5 and Flash games

Client: PBS Kids / Very Memorable Design

Coded and co-designed several web based games and activities promoting the Thomas brand. Developed both Flash and mobile-ready HTML5 versions of several applications, compatible with native mobile and desktop browsers.

The Power of Music: Music Mentor: Mobile-ready HTML5 web application

Client: Annenburg Foundation / Very Memorable Design

Music Mentor is an interactive tool designed to develop students’ ability to detect musical errors and strengthen music-reading skills. Taking on the role of a mentor, students listen to a peer perform musical phrases shown on screen, and must offer feedback to help improve the performance. Familiar melodies lead students through ten levels of increasingly complex challenges for violin and recorder, though anyone with music-reading ability can use the tool.

The Magic School Bus: Hybrid mini-site

Client: Scholastic

Interactive mini-site for Scholastic’s Magic School Bus. The homepage features a immersive site navigation that allows users to drive the Bus through a variety of different environments and learn more about the site.

The Interactive Media Awards chose The Magic School Bus site as Best in Class in the Kids category.

Probability Lab: Web games and activities

Client: Scholastic / The Actuarial Foundation

Created web game and accompanying activity to illustrate probability and its real-world applications, as a companion piece to an on-going educational initiative at